ANALOG: Animal Puzzles
I made fifteen wooden animal farm puzzles for our student-run BYU design student shop called Curio. This is an original design created in Adobe Illustrator, laser-printed onto 3/4" birch plywood, hand-cut on a scroll saw, hand-sanded, and hand-stained. Yes, my hands are very tired after this project. It was so fun to learn a new process.
Photos taken by Savannah Holmes.
1. Design the puzzle
2. Cut wood to desired size (8x10)
3. Engrave the puzzle and frame using a Glowforge
4. Cut out the puzzle and frame on a scroll saw
5. Sand the outside of frame to be smooth
6. Stain the wood frame
7. Seal the stain with finishing spray
7. Wood glue the pieces of the frame together
8. Sand any wood burns off the top of animal pieces
9. Sand outside of each animal to ensure a better fit
10. Package the puzzle
All done!
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